Corporate, Primary Sector, SMEs/Startups / September 19 2011
Traditional natural and wool grease based lubricants perform poorly in cold climates as the lubricant solidifies in low temperatures. The water repellent properties of lanolin make it a valuable... Read more
Corporate / February 14 2009
Adding a bit of variety to the mix, the VIP lounge fit out for the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series (LVPS) provided the team at Locus with a different avenue for their creative skills. The LVPS, held in... Read more
Corporate / May 30 2004
Mark Smith, CEO of Fibre-Gen, gave us a wide brief of  'I'd like you guys to come up with some stuff'. The team developed a wide range of possibilities that might test the boundary between... Read more
Corporate / January 7 2003
The exhibition profiled New Zealand technology and design working together to create extraordinary concepts. It provided a forum for New Zealand's designers and furniture makers to interact with the... Read more