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Bombay Sapphire Design Room

Developed in conjunction with New Zealand Fashion Week, The Bombay Sapphire Design Room at Air New... Read More

Circadian Sleep System

The Circadian System was an FRST funded R&D programme that investigated sleep and sleep health,... Read More

Littl' Juey

Locus Research had provided Littl' Juey an integrated design team since 2005 when he... Read More


The exhibition profiled New Zealand technology and design working together to create extraordinary... Read More

The Role of Life Cycle Inventory in New Zealand

Life Cycle Thinking has been a developing area within New Zealand. However, little was known about the... Read More

Hold - Furniture Range

Locus experimented with the Legacy team to create some innovative new applications for edge glued... Read More

Forester Chainsaw Protection

This project set out to create a new range of advanced lightweight cut resistant fabrics and chainsaw... Read More

Thermowood - A Material Investigation

Mark Smith, CEO of Fibre-Gen, gave us a wide brief of  'I'd like you guys to come up with some... Read More


Our response was to present a structured approach with four simple steps that would allocate the funds... Read More


PWP were targeting the Japanese market with their high end edge glued panel and board product offer.... Read More

Delloch Hip Protection

More than 90% of hip fractures are attributed to falls and global health issues such as osteoporosis... Read More


It looked holistically at the New Zealand exterior cladding context and has subsequently gone on to... Read More

Prolan Lanolin Lubricant

Traditional natural and wool grease based lubricants perform poorly in cold climates as the lubricant... Read More

Cortex - Exterior Cladding System

We created a programme to provide greater margins and to develop a relationship with the end consumer... Read More

Encircle Medical Devices

We identified an opportunity in the medical market to create innovative next to skin applications for... Read More

GetSorted Home Storage

The design team investigated the feasibility of developing a branded product to be marketed... Read More

Compass - The Value Chain

This programme was established to create an in-depth understanding about the use of finger jointed and... Read More

Cayo & the Outdoor Room

Our team carefully reviewed the existing Cayo products and developed a series of recommendations... Read More

Louis Vuitton Pacific Series

Adding a bit of variety to the mix, the VIP lounge fit out for the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series (LVPS... Read More

Curve Surf

This started at the beginning; our team assisted with getting start-up funding from the government and... Read More

Life Cycle Thinking Workshops

The Life Cycle Thinking series was made possible through the support of the Hothouse at Unitec, the... Read More

Evolution Sleep System

Design Mobel had built its reputation on great design, excellent sleep comfort and health, and had... Read More

Drybase Tiled Shower System

This project set out to develop a fundamentally new type of preformed shower base and waste system,... Read More

Young Innovator Awards

Since 2011 we have been working with Priority One and Woods, the Creative Agency to develop and... Read More

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Over the course of 20 years using a myriad of tools to develop products, the toolset has not structurally changed since the mainstreaming of parametric modelling in the 90's. It has also not really changed that much on the other side with illustrative and image editing tools.


Timothy Allan
Over the course of 20 years using a myriad of tools to develop products, the toolset has not structurally changed since the...
Robin Lyttle
It’s hard to believe that the time has come again to launch the next year of the Young Innovator Awards – but perhaps that’s because we...
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April 17 2014
The Newnham Park Innovation Centre is celebrating the launch of its second...
Paul Symes (left) and Lex Bacon of Balex & the Automatic Boat Loader
April 16 2014
TAURANGA, 12th April 2014: New Zealand marine company Balex Marine are due...

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