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Thermowood - A Material Investigation

Fibre-Gen, Carter Holt Harvey's R&D division, had been working on the Application of the... Read More


The Transform Initiative was prompted by former Textiles NZ Chief Executive, Sean McElroy. The... Read More


This was a 'Product Oriented Research' project looking at the exterior cladding context in... Read More

Balex Automatic Boat Loader

Launching and retrieving a boat is the biggest stressor of the boating experience. Read More

Ubco - The Utility Bike

A raw concept with huge potential, the Utility Bike could redefine the way we work outdoors. Read More

Louis Vuitton Pacific Series

Auckland’s hosting of the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series (LVPS) in February 2009 provided the perfect... Read More


The Metaform design competition and exhibition aimed to increase public awareness of sustainability in... Read More

Life Cycle Thinking Workshops

The Life Cycle Thinking workshop series were concieved by Locus Research to drive the uptake of... Read More

Kelvin the Thermokennel

Low and high temperatures affect the condition of working dogs and family pets. Read More


A project with a particular purpose; create an impact in the Japanese market for a key Sales manager.... Read More

Forester Chainsaw Protection

Jaedon Enterprises are the leader in Forestry Protection and Safety clothing in New Zealand and... Read More

Curve Surf

A lawyer and an ad exec decided to follow their dream, creating a new niche in the surfing industry. Read More

Cayo & the Outdoor Room

Coast had developed a product, but the materials and manufacturing had caused a range off issues which... Read More

Evolution Sleep System

Design Mobel was sitting with a customer approval rating of 87% and a profitable business. But the... Read More

Drybase Tiled Shower System

Shower failures were the 3rd largest cause of insurance claims in Australia, while water damage from... Read More

GetSorted Home Storage

One of IML's top products was being squeezed and their competitiveness affected by the products... Read More

Bombay Sapphire Design Room

Developed in conjunction with New Zealand Fashion Week, The Bombay Sapphire Design Room at Air New... Read More

Delloch Hip Protection

Hip fractures are a major global health problem. 20% of elderly adults hospitalised for a hip fracture... Read More

Circadian Sleep System

The 'Circadian System' Programme developed with Design Mobel sought to redefine sleep and... Read More

The Role of Life Cycle Inventory in New Zealand

There is strong interest in the government sector around the concept of 'Eco-Verification',... Read More

Encircle Medical Devices

Textiles are commodity products, How do you add value and innovate with new textiles to create a high... Read More

Compass - The Value Chain

Compass was a project created to create a better understanding the US exterior market by PWP CEO Tony... Read More

Hold - Furniture Range

A family business that originally developed out of the construction industry led by Ross Provan Legacy... Read More

Young Innovator Awards

The Young Innovator Awards (YIA) aims to inspire and encourage Western Bay of Plenty secondary... Read More

Prolan Lanolin Lubricant

Prolan had a great innovation with one key weakness, temperature range. Increasing this would grow... Read More

Littl' Juey

Littl' Juey was the brainchild of local entrepreneur Frank Walker and is a rapidly growing new... Read More

Cortex - Exterior Cladding System

What do you do with a vertically integrated supply chain that grows the trees, harvests them and... Read More

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We first met Anthony Clyde and Daryl Neal (e-bike industry pros), at the 2014 Fieldays Innovations. We were blown away by their lightweight electric farm bike which debuted in the Innovation Centre that year. We saw huge potential and awarded them the Locus Research Innovation Award, which we used to develop their branding and marketing. Together we created a new brand for the versatile Ubco 2x2 – The Utility Bike.


Krissi Smith
Fieldays 2015 has already been and gone in a flash. In Fieldays Innovations there was a real buzz of activity in The Lab with judging and...
Simon Crane
Many people try to avoid Messiness. Some try to solve it, and others try to get rid of it completely. But what Usman Haque will tell you,...
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June 17 2015
The Fieldays Innovation Awards entries seem to increase in calibre each...
April 14 2015
Tauranga's Anthony Clyde and Daryl Neal from Wellington are set to bring...
March 31 2015
One of the most anticipated agribusiness events of the year, NZ...

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